The best Greenville roofing company explains recognizing a high-quality roof replacement

The best Greenville roofing company helps examine the quality level of a new roof

The best Greenville roofing company insists that homeowners shouldn’t just believe that a roofer has done the job correctly. Instead, they should take some measures to make sure they are getting a good value for their money. A good roof maintains structural integrity and aesthetics in the long term. Use these tips to gauge your new roof.

A clean job site

Any good roofing contractor who performs an excellent job also cares about their customer’s property. They maintain a professional-looking site during and after the project. Check for minor details to determine quality. A great place to start is the working area. Before leaving any property, a good crew takes the time to clean up the roofing materials and debris. There should be no flashing shingles or shingles on trees, where applicable.

Fixed sheathing

A professional contractor always corrects the roof sheathing before commencing the job. The sheathing can become loose subsequently because of inadequate nails. If the sheathing was not nailed down correctly at the beginning, you might have some buckling on the roof. Loose sheathing can rip out nails from the decking and bring a host of issues. This includes premature damage to the shingles. Remember that nail holes can also cause water leakage. As you examine the roof, confirming if the contractor fixed the sheathing properly is advisable.

Placement of nails in optimal areas

A sound roof installation is a product of excellent workmanship, quality materials, and expertise. It goes beyond nailing a few shingles on the roof. Nails must be placed strategically to prevent the shingles from becoming loose or, worse, coming off. Poor nailing skills can make the nails rust and gradually cause water leaks. Some contractors utilize pneumatic guns to nail the shingles. However, the roofers should set the proper depth for these machines.

Correct installation of roof shingles

Asphalt shingles are very popular with installation projects. The problem is some contractors don’t install them correctly. Poorly installed shingles increase the chances of leaks and cracks, leading to frequent repairs and costly restoration bills down the road. Look out for a few signs. For instance, no overlap between the shingles’ columns can be one of the minor problems. Also, check the alignment of the shingles: the cutout on a three-tab shingle should be vertical with the butted joints.

Utility of the right underlayment

Contractors should pay attention to the underlayment, especially for winter-susceptible states. It consists of protective materials placed between the sheathing and the shingles. Ice dams can form on the roof when the snow melts and refreezes. But the protective underlayment prevents ice and water from forming at the roofline. The material forces the water to flow underneath the shingles to prevent severe damage. Some roofers go the extra mile by using two layers of underlayment.

Work with the best Greenville roofing company

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