Best roofing services in Charlotte NC explains your options for roof ventilation

Best roofing services: what you need to know about roofing ventilation

Best roofing services provide ventilation systems to help make your home a healthier place to live while also extending the life of your roof and lowering your energy bills.

Each type of roofing vent will have the task of either bringing in fresh air to your home, which is the intake, or removing stale air from the attic, which is the exhaust, but some vents will be more effective than others.

It is critical to have both an exhaust and intake ventilation system installed if you want to take advantage of proper roof ventilation. But, because of a home’s architecture, having an intake vent isn’t possible. If this is the case, having an exhaust is better than nothing.

Why vents are needed

The humid and warm air that escapes through any holes in a ceiling’s air barrier, this includes any pot-lights that were installed poorly, will condense as the air migrates through the wall assembly and meets the colder surface during the winter, this will cause ice and frost to form. It will look as if you have a leak in your roof in the spring when the ice melts when the fact is there is no leak at all. These examples are the reason why it is important to have an air barrier in your home for energy efficiency and durability.

It’s important to understand that it is possible to have an unventilated roof design, this is more common with a cathedral or vaulted ceiling, not in mainstream construction.

What are the signs of poor ventilation?

A variety of problems can be caused by a poor ventilation system and can show in different ways.

Watch out for these subtle and not-so-subtle signs:

  • Wet insulation loses its effectiveness that causes your cooling and heating bills to increase.
  • Heating and cooling repairs need to happen more often because of a heavier workload and are prone to premature failure or breakdowns.
  • During the winter months, there is a noticeable ice buildup along the edge of your roof.
  • Warping of the moisture-damaged roof deck causing your roofline and shingles to look rippled or wavy.
  • HVAC system components, electrical boxes, nail heads, light fixtures, and other metal materials in your attic showing signs of corrosion and rust.
  • Evidence of decay and deterioration of your roof’s structural supports, or water stains, frost, or dampness on the attic side of your roof sheathing.
  • Fungi spores spreading through your indoor air supply due to mold growth in the attic will cause an increase in discomforting respiratory illnesses or allergy symptoms among the members of your family.

Be sure to keep safety in mind if you do decide to check for these signs in your attic or roof. You can walk around the outside of your house and look up at your roof instead of climbing up on top of it. If you are going into your attic, make sure that you are wearing the appropriate protective gear, that you have a walking path that’s sturdy, and the space is well-lit.

Best roofing services in Charlotte NC

Best roofing services in Charlotte NC says that as a homeowner you can help to optimize the life of your roof and your home’s energy efficiency with the right balance of exhaust and intake ventilation.

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