Cedar siding installation in Charlotte, NC, and Greenville, SC, pros, and cons

Cedar siding installation, and the many options

Cedar siding installation is by far the most popular form of siding in the Charlotte NC and Greenville SC areas. It’s made with natural wood that is beautiful, fragrant, and prized by many homeowners.

Siding is a critical piece of the exterior of your home. Regardless of the material that is used for your siding, you must stay up to date with its annual care and maintenance to be sure that your home stays beautiful and healthy. However, a lot of maintenance is involved when it comes to cedar siding, but the aesthetic appeal of the material may make the extra effort worthwhile.

You can look through the following pros and cons to decide whether or not cedar siding is the right choice for your home.

What is cedar siding?

Cedar is a natural wood that is regarded as one of the most beautiful and valuable natural resources on earth. It is praised by builders, architects, artists, and homeowners; cedar has been used as a lovely addition to any business building or home. Cedar also has been used in many exterior and interior construction projects.

Cedar’s natural ability to wear well through the weather makes it an ideal choice for many homeowners to have installed on their siding.

Pros of cedar siding

Cedar is a classic, timeless material that has the benefit of being around for quite a long time. Your cedar siding can be treated with finish, stain, or oil for a look that will bring your home years of unique charm.

Cedar siding is also resistant to the decay caused by insects and water and also contains a natural preservative that will kill fungi and other bacteria. It is also an environmentally friendly and safe renewable resource that is biodegradable, so the environmental concerns when the cedar siding has run its course are kept to a minimum.

Cons of cedar siding

As is the case with other forms of wood siding, unless it is specially treated, cedar siding is flammable. There is also regular maintenance that is required, such as re-staining or repainting every three to five years. Cedar can also react to iron; this makes it essential to avoid the use of iron nails during installation. Lastly, the layering style can make replacing an individual piece challenging.

Cedar siding installation from a top contractor in Charlotte, NC, and Greenville, SC

When considering cedar siding installation for your home, after taking the pros and cons into consideration, it is down to you to decide whether or not cedar siding is the right fit for your home. It can be a great source of satisfaction and can add a unique charm to the curb appeal of your home. The look of cedar is important to you, and you are willing to take on the extra maintenance and cost required to ensure that your siding stays in good shape.

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