Roofer contractors in Charlotte’s guide to slate roofing for property owners

Roofer contractors guide on slate roofing

Roofer contractors tell property owners that slate as a roofing material goes back centuries. Initially, slate roofing was seen as a ready-made building material, safe against insect infestation and fire. Today, slate has the same qualities, except it also has a cachet or mystique not held by other types of roofing products.

Slate shingle roof basics

Roofer contractors say that true slate roof shingles are 100-percent natural stone with no additives. Much like natural granite counters, slate roofing is quarried directly from the earth.

Slate can be identified by the way the light hits it from a certain angle. This is due to the slate tile’s high mica content. Some slate can have up to 40-percent mica content. So, not only is it the texture of the stone that creates its unique look—it’s that low-level shine, as well.

One reason for slate’s superior roof-tiling quality is its cleavage abilities. Think of a good piece of slate much like a deck of cards. Because slate is a sedimentary rock, it is formed of many layers, and these layers can cleave, or slice, off like the individual cards in a deck of cards.

Slate for roofing comes from a variety of locales.

Slate shingle roofing requires installers who are experts at working with slate. Because of this, not all areas have companies that can install slate shingle roofing.

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Should you install a slate shingle roof?

Roofer contractors state that slate shingle roofing will last for a long time. If you plan to be in your house for at least 30 years, a slate roof may be right for you since the cost will amortize over that long period. For shorter periods of ownership, slate shingles may cost more than their eventual resale value.

If it’s simply the look of slate roofing that you want, investigate recycled rubber slate-style shingles. Made from up to 80-percent old tires and other post-consumer rubber products, rubber slate roofing is one of the eco-friendlier products you can use. Rubber slate has the textured look of slate and even its thickness, without many of the downsides of real slate

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