Shingle repair needed in Charlotte after the storm

Shingle repair for a leak

If you have a leak, you need shingle repair even if you can’t see anything obvious from the ground.  You might be able to see the effects on the inside of your home: stains, mold, discoloration, mildew, and possible leaks of water running from your ceiling or down your walls. If you see anything like this, it’s time to contact your Charlotte roofing company for a roof inspection.

Charlotte’s best roofing company follows three steps

One of the best and worst ways to find a leak, and you need shingle repair, is when it is raining. While you don’t want that to happen, here are three ways a professional roofing company can find the source of your leak. Don’t wait until a rainy day to call.

Shining lights highlight shingle repair need

The safest time to check for a leak will be during the day; however, once it is dark, you can use the power of light to pinpoint holes. Using a large, powerful flashlight, you can shine this at the underside of your roof, or from the outside and then pinpoint any holes where you can see the light coming through.

Work from the bottom

One thing about a leaky roof that many homeowners don’t know about is that water runs to the lowest point before it drips. The source of the leak and shingle repair area may be nowhere where your puddled water is located. This makes finding a leak pretty tricky and not easy for the amateur to locate.

Simulate Rain

If your local Charlotte roofer can’t locate a leak using the above means, he may wish to simulate rain and spray your roof with water. Wetting one area at a time, they can check every portion of your roof and see where water may be seeping in; and causing issues. Finding a roof leak usually requires professional help. Although you may want to try to figure it out, you save time calling your top roofing company and let the professionals find your leak.

Top roofer for shingle repair in Charlotte

Look for the best roofing company by reading reviews on the internet, such as Google Reviews. You can also ask around on social media and see what referrals you can find. Facebook is a great place to read roofer reviews. Find a roofing company with 5-star reviews and consistently excellent customer satisfaction.

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