Commercial roofing experts in Charlotte NC explains benefits of roof inspections using drones

Commercial roofing experts use drones to safely inspect roofs

Commercial roofing experts in Charlotte NC apply drones for roof inspections to make the whole process safer and cover more room. Here are reasons to convince you to consider how aerial drone roof inspection can improve how you work if you are absolutely unaware of how it can.


Modern building structures often have intricate designs, great heights, flaws, and difficult-to-reach places. The risk of falling roofs and injuries to personnel and building inhabitants makes climbing these structures’ roofs not always the greatest decision.

The security of the building, the roofers, and the occupants is guaranteed by using drone roof inspection software from a safe height and distance. This immediately lowers a roof inspection company’s insurance expense.

Better data

High-quality cameras that can capture every crevice of the roof are incorporated into drones. As a result, it is simple for the staff to obtain and analyze data, which is typically accurate and less expensive than sending guys up there. You can get precise information about roof length, area, and pitch from drones. Additionally, drones are able to measure slopes, valleys, rakes, drip edges, etc. precisely. To add to your CAD designs, you can acquire all of this information in an accessible PDF file or DXF file.

Drones can also be used to inspect a specific area of the roof from a predetermined set height and angle more precisely and quickly than a team of people could.

Faster results

Once a roof inspection has been scheduled, a drone may carry it out more quickly, saving you the time it would normally take to finish one roof inspection. A drone may begin evaluating a roof right away because there is no need for climbing or special climbing gear, which shortens the duration of the examination. There is no doubt that the examination can be completed more quickly.

Saves money

Scaffolds, ladders, lifts, and other climbing equipment may be purchased and transported for a lot less money when rooftops are inspected using drones. It also lowers the cost of labor. You won’t need much more than an expert drone pilot to get everything done.

A drone’s speedy roof inspection allows for the completion of more inspections per day, saving you a lot of money.

Find the best commercial roofing experts in Charlotte NC

Inspecting roofs allow experts to familiarize themselves with any issues that need fixing. Find the best commercial roofing experts in Charlotte NC for the best results.

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