Commercial roofing experts in Charlotte NC explain what your roof’s buyback is

Commercial roofing experts help you save money by installing energy-efficient roofs

Commercial roofing experts in Charlotte NC aim at improving your roof’s useful life which also helps reduce energy costs. This can help improve your roof’s buyback period.

The time it takes for a business to recoup the cost of installing a roof by cutting energy expenditures is known as the buyback period. Let’s use a $100 monthly energy cost as an example. Your new monthly energy cost is $50 once a new roof has been built. If the installation of the roof cost $1,000, it would take 20 months for that investment to be recouped. In this case, the buyback time would be 20 months.

Factors that influence energy usage in a commercial building

Your roof’s R-Value

How effectively the roof resists air moving through it is determined by its R-value. More air is retained within the building with a higher R-value, which reduces the requirement for HVAC systems. Roofs with water entrance points enable the insulation beneath to become wet, significantly lowering R-value.

By increasing R-value, you can decrease the amount of heat or cold that escapes through the roof and cut down on how long the HVAC systems need to run.

Installing Polyiso board will boost the insulation if you choose a single-ply roof. The R-value of Polyiso is 5.5 per inch of thickness. If you use spray polyurethane foam, the insulation is produced by the spray foam itself. The R-value of spray foam is 6.5 per inch of thickness.

Your business operations

A factory with continuously running hot machinery will require more air conditioning to maintain a comfortable environment than a typical office building.

If you run a data center where the servers must be kept cool, you will want a lot of cooling to keep your computers running smoothly.

The efficiency of your HVAC

It will require more energy to produce the same quantity of heat or cool if your HVAC system is old and inefficient than one that is. An efficient HVAC can help keep the temperatures within your facility in the right range

Find the best commercial roofing experts in Charlotte NC

You should find an energy-efficient roof for your business premises. The best commercial roofing experts in Charlotte can help make a huge difference.

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