Commercial roofing in Greenville SC: Find the top roofer

Commercial roofing technologies in the Greenville/Spartanburg SC have been around for almost as long as commercial structures have been in existence. Recent commercial buildings, on the other hand, have been built using a single-ply membrane roofing system. Imagine looking at new commercial buildings and seeing roofers applying PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride), EPDM (Ethane Propylene Diene Monomer), TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin), PIB (Polyisobutylene Biphenyl), or TPE (Thermoplastic Polyolefin Elastomer). These are all excellent roofing options for new construction, but what do you do if you have roof leaks or an old roof that has seen better days?

Re-roofing techniques for commercial structures

Commercial roofing experts note that since the invention of BUR, or built-up roofing, the roofing industry has progressed significantly. A flat roof is most likely to be found on a business building, which is the case for most commercial buildings. This broadens the range of options for reroofing. You may be presented with a variety of single-ply membrane roofing alternatives, depending on the roofing contractor you choose.

What happens, though, if your business roof does not need a rip-off and the membrane is still in quite an excellent condition?

Commercial roofing experts note that a commercial building owner is faced with several decisions. First and foremost, the building owner should determine how many roofs are already on the structure. A commercial structure is only allowed to have two levels of roofing according to state regulations. This is a significant challenge for the property owner since it necessitates the removal of a costly structure—a high solids silicone roof coating solution.

Roof coatings: the most economical option

Commercial roof coatings are something that most people have never heard of. What exactly are roof coatings? To form a monolithic roofing system, roof coatings are liquid applied roofing membranes that cling entirely to the roof surface. In layman’s terms, roof coatings combine to form a roof that functions as a single unit.

Silicone coverings, in contrast to single-ply membranes such as TPO and EPDM, are entirely seamless. In addition, they are not applied with a heat gun and do not come in rolls. This results in a more waterproof roof since there are no flaps. Steele Restoration, a commercial roofing expert in Greenville, SC, can put the coating directly over the current roof system in a diligent manner. The expert you need!

Best commercial roofing expert in Greenville, SC

Steele Restoration is a fully licensed and insured Charlotte NC and Greenville SC-based general contractor and roofing company specializing in roofing, siding, and storm damage restoration for single-family homes, multi-family complexes, and commercial and industrial sites. We service Charlotte and the area, including Rock Hill, Lake Norman, Steele Creek, Matthews, Ballantyne, and Blakeney, along with Greenville and Spartanburg SC areas.