Gutter installation in Charlotte NC and Greenville SC: repair or replace?

Gutter installation experts in Charlotte NC and Greenville SC

Gutter installation is a vital component for your Charlotte NC or Greenville SC home, and they are the unsung heroes when it comes to your home’s protection. They can direct any water away from the more vulnerable portions of your home before damaging it, and this includes your windows, doors, foundation siding, and masonry walls. None of these areas will be exposed to any water build-up when you have an effective gutter system and prevent the need for any higher costs to repair your home down the road. Over time, a pool of water can cause severe damage.

Remembering to maintain your gutters can become complicated, resulting in them being neglected, as the saying goes, “out of sight, out of mind.” When leaving the house to go to the car, you may notice your car needs to be waxed or a flower bed growing weeds, but since your gutters are a part of your roof, they can be forgotten for many years.

So, how will you know when the time has come to replace or repair your gutters if you have had the same gutter system for years now?

Replace or repair gutter with cracks

It may not appear to be a big deal when you notice a small crack. However, this can eventually turn into a larger crack, which can happen a lot sooner than you probably think. By allowing a small crack to remain unfixed, water can cause your gutters to become severely damaged.

It can even cause damage to the fascia boards behind the gutters and the shingles above your gutters. And the worst part, this damage can extend all the way down to your home’s foundation, which will be much more expensive than a repair or replacement of the gutters.


If the seams on your gutters become worn because of regular contraction and expansion, some gaps between the gutter joints can begin to appear. This will allow water to escape. Also, rusting can occur if you have leaking gutters that are made of metal. The material used to make the gutter will start to be eaten away by the rust; if you see more than 5 to 10 spots of rust, this can be an indicator that your gutters are beginning to deteriorate past a point where patching the area is an effective solution.

Mildew build-up

Water will be moved away from the foundation of your home, thanks to your downspouts. If they don’t do their job, water can begin to accumulate near the foundation and will eventually start to leak into your home’s interior or basement.

If you see a lot of mildew and mold build-up in this area, this can be a big sign that the downspouts are not working.

Gutter installation in Charlotte, NC and Greenville SC

Gutter installation may be needed if you are noticing these situations are happening over and over. You must always consider the durability of your gutters; if you have reached a point where a repair may not be enough, then a replacement will be needed and is a worthwhile investment to prevent a more extensive, more expensive repair later on.

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