Clogged gutters in Greenville SC: contact your top contractor and roofer

Clogged gutters and prevention

Clogged gutters in your Greenville SC home can cause leaks, overflowing water, and damage to the exterior and interior of your property. Your gutters only have one job to do, to catch and lead water away from your house. This sounds easy enough, but clogged gutters are seen all the time, and this is what leads to damage. To prevent damage from creating a significant issue on your roof system, you can use these tips.

Clean and inspect the downspouts

Your gutter system can be backed up from one clump of leaves. A clog can often start at the point where your gutters meet the roof opening of your downspouts. The overflow of water will damage your roof’s shingles which can eventually lead to leaking in your home. It can be costly to repair leaks in your home, which is why it’s recommended that you clean your gutters every month.

Keep your trees trimmed

Trees are a great feature to have around your home, but they aren’t so great for gutters. Trees that grow or stretch over within the proximity of your roof can drop a lot of twigs and leaves. When released, they blow or fall into your gutters and can make it harder for the water to flow through. As leaves become wet, they can increase the problem and create a dense barrier.

Install a high-grade gutter

If you see water flowing over your gutter due to gutter issues, this can be a sign that your gutters are undersized. A gutter that is 1 foot long and 5 inches wide can hold 1.2 gallons of water. But, a 1-foot-long gutter that is 6 inches wide can hold 2 gallons, and this is a 40% increase in water capacity.

The lack of water capacity for the size of your home can lead to a lot of rotten fascia and leaks that go into your home.

Install leaf guards

There is also a way to stop leaves from ever getting into your gutters in the first place. A leaf guard can filter out leaves and debris from ever entering your gutter, giving the water a chance to flow through. Before having leaf guards installed, it’s worth having an expert provide you with some advice. Some types of leaf guards are less effective at retaining debris and allowing moss growth around your gutters.

Gutters in Greenville, SC: contact the top roofer and contractor

Your gutters can also be clogged by materials other than leaves. Debris from the roof, such as loose granules and shingles, can collect and plug the downspouts. If you see a number of shingle granules in the gutter, it may be a signal to get an inspection for your roof. As your roof’s shingles age and are damaged by the weather, they will continue to lose their granules.

Top contractor and roofer for your Greenville SC gutters

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