Charlotte’s top gutter installation experts explain different gutter material

Gutters help prevent water damage to your home by directing rainwater into downspouts

Charlotte’s top gutter installation experts can help you decide the gutter material type that best works for your home. The use of an adequate gutter system is required for the proper and efficient drainage of rainfall from the roof. Different materials with varying physical and aesthetic qualities can be used to create gutter systems. They include:


The anti-corrosive aluminum sheet is used to make aluminum guttering, which is subsequently varnished or painted in a variety of hues. Aluminum gutter systems are attached together with rivets and sealed with silicone, silicone paste, or aluminum adhesive. On the construction site, they can also be bent from sheet metal and trimmed to the required length, even up to 30 m, using a special equipment.  Aluminum gutter systems have a smooth surface, and are weather- and corrosion-resistant, but are cumbersome in flashing. Of all the several types of gutter systems, aluminum gutter systems are the lightest.


Plastic gutter systems are protected with acrylic, titanium oxide, or UV rays to stabilize them. These coatings are used to strengthen PVC’s resilience to environmental factors, particularly the damaging effects of sunlight, dirty air, and acid rain. Typically, plastic is colored in mass. As a result, where the gutters are scraped, their color does not change. The PVC gutter systems’ individual components are lightweight. They are permanently glued together, coupled, and clasped with a rubber gasket, or attached by latches with a gasket. PVC gutters are UV-resistant and require no maintenance. They also have a high thermal expansion rate.


Copper sheet, which can be zinc- or acrylic-coated, is used to make copper guttering. There are also systems where nothing is placed on top of the copper sheet. These gutter systems’ component parts are overlapped and soldered on both sides. Both single-family homes clad with copper sheets or ceramic tiles and historical structures use copper gutter systems. However, because the running water could cause copper gutters to corrode, such systems shouldn’t be utilized on roofs made of aluminum or steel sheet.


A protective layer of zinc and an extra layer of protection consisting of plastisol, or polyester are applied to guttering constructed of steel sheet. They are therefore immune to fading, corrosion, and mechanical harm. One of the most popular gutter systems is made of steel. They are resistant to mechanical harm, weather, and rust. They can be used on almost any type of building or roof, and they have a long service life.

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The different gutter materials offer you incredible options that you can choose for your home. Work with the best gutter installation experts in Charlotte NC to help you choose the best gutters.

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