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Gutter cleaning is done right by a top roofing company in Greenville SC. Gutter cleaning may appear to be an unpleasant activity, but it is a vital one that should be completed at least twice a year — in the spring and the fall — on your home’s to-do checklist. In the event that you choose not to, you may unintentionally give yourself headaches as well as structural harm to your house. This is due to the fact that blocked gutters can result in water and weight overload, which can put stress on the roof, siding, and gutter supports, ultimately resulting in leaks. In addition, clogged water can cause costly decay and ice jams in the winter. Fortunately, cleaning the gutters is not a very complex or difficult task, especially if done on a regular basis.

How to clean your gutters

When putting your ladder on the ground and utilizing the stairs, make sure to follow any and all safety precautions. Make certain that you can readily reach the gutter while retaining a firm foothold on the ground. Attach your safety equipment and use a tool belt to carry the hand shovel safely; then ascend the ladder to the top. Remove the material from the gutter with gloved hands and a hand shovel, if necessary. An alternative method is to set up tarps on the ground along one or both sides of the house and then remove gutter debris and dump it directly on top of the tarps. Most of the time, such stuff can be composted. Using the hose, rinse the gutter, pushing the water toward the downspout and dislodging any debris that has accumulated at the bottom of the gutter. Check to see that the water is flowing freely through the downspout and that there are no obstructions. Dislodge any material that has accumulated in the drains.

Importance of gutter cleaning

Galvanized steel gutters are strong and durable, but they rust easily, so they aren’t as popular as they once were. Minor rust damage may be simply removed with a wire brush. After cleaning and drying the damaged area, apply a rust-inhibiting metal primer. In certain cases, rust may eat through galvanized steel gutters. Aluminum gutters are more easily punctured than steel gutters, while not corroding. The same method works on steel and aluminum gutters. After cleaning and drying the hole, place a patch of properly sized metal flashing. After installation, cover the repair with another layer of roofing cement.

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