Charlotte’s best gutter installation experts explain roof repair checklist

Gutters expert help keep your roof in the best condition after a storm

Charlotte’s best gutters expert insists on the need for proper repair after a storm. The weather in North Carolina can be extremely harsh at times, regardless of the season. Your home’s roof can sustain severe damage from both winter snowfall and summer storms with their strong winds, hail, and rain. For this reason, you should frequently inspect your roof. To help you know what to look for in your roof inspection, we provide you with this roof damage repair checklist.

Conduct a visual roof inspection

Search up at the roof and any supporting structures as you walk around the house to look for any visible storm damage. Climb up a ladder to the roof to conduct a closer examination. Look for debris, punctures, missing or broken flashing, missing, torn, or damaged shingles or tiles, as well as other issues that need to be corrected right away. Check for leaks in the region surrounding skylights and their seals.

Scan for roof leaks

Even the smallest holes in your roof can allow water to enter. Check the ceiling, the area around the windows, and the light fixtures in the attic for water leaks after a storm.

Check the condition of your gutters

Following a storm, debris is frequently washed into the gutters, clogging them up. If required, check the water flow and clean the gutters. Examine them for dents, holes, or other storm damage, and make sure they are still firmly fastened to the house.

Inspect the doors and windows

Examine the weatherstripping on the windows and doors. During a hurricane, door and window seals might have become loosened or perhaps blown off. Look out for any broken or cracked windows, particularly those in the attic, where you might not go very often. Check for cracked or broken window screens.

Check for damage on your chimney

Chimney structures can be severely damaged by storms. Check for cracked or missing mortar, fractured bricks, and the chimney’s alignment with the house. Have it checked by an expert if it appears to be tilting. Replace chimney caps that are broken or missing.

Evaluate the condition of your heating and air conditioning equipment

Check your heating and cooling system for damage, and take out any objects that may have fallen on or become stuck in your equipment.

Hire Charlotte’s best gutter installation experts

Bad weather can cause extensive damage to your roof, so you have to repair it for ultimate functionality. Work with Charlotte’s best gutter installation experts for the best results.

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