Gutters: Greenville SC experts give you installation advice

Gutters may seem like an unnecessary part of your Greenville SC house but it is actually very important in ensuring the proper functioning of a house. This is why you need to know how to install it.

Snap Layout Lines

First things first, you’re going to mark the highest point of the gutter run on the fascia, around 1 and a half inches underneath the metal drip edge flashing. And at the other end of the fascia, you’re going to want to mark the low end of the gutter run. It is important to note that the slope should be around ½ inch for every foot of the run. Once that is done, just snap a chalk line in between the points.

 Saw Gutter Required Length

Cut the section of the gutter to be the same length as a 12-inch power saw. And In case the gutter continues around the corner, cut a 45° degree angle at that spot. If the run needs 2 sections of gutter, overlap them by 8 inches and use stainless steel screws in two rows of 4 each.

Install Gutter

Place the gutter on the fascia brackets you installed earlier. Proceed to rotate the gutter into the direction upwards until its back edge slips into the top hooks that are on the bracket.

Form Strip Miter Joints At Corner

Use a strip miter, a 3-inch-wide aluminum strip, to seal the seam between two gutter lengths at each corner. Wrap the aluminum strip tight around the underside of the gutter. Use eight sheet metal screws or pop rivets to keep it in place. With snips, cut a triangle-shaped part from the strip miter’s top, after which you should fold the two flaps that surround the gutter’s top edge down. A high-quality siliconized caulk can be added to this seam to increase its waterproofness.

 Connect Downspout To Gutter

Use four pop rivets or screws to fasten the downspout outlet to the gutter. Next, attach a downspout elbow to the gutter outlet tube that extends downward. Cut a piece of the downspout so that it will fit between the two elbows while holding another elbow up against the house. To make the elbow fit into the downspout, slightly squeeze it with needle nose pliers. Lastly, fasten the parts together with pop rivets or screws.

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