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Gutters can get clogged very easily. They are also a hassle to repair. Top roofers in Greenville SC are here to sort it out for you so you don’t have to waste time and money working on the gutters yourself.

Snap layout lines

The highest point of the gutter run, which is approximately 1.5 inches below the metal drip edge flashing, needs to be marked on the fascia first. You should also identify the low end of the gutter run at the opposite end of the fascia. It is crucial to remember that the slope should be approximately ½ inch for every run of a foot. Just draw a chalk line between the places after that is finished.

Attach fascia brackets

Next up, locate the rafter tails behind the fascia. They are usually 16 inches in the center. And then, mark the chalk line which you made previously on the other rafter tails. Moving on, at each mark, make a 1/8-inch diameter hole through the fascia and into the rafter tail. And then, proceed to use stainless steel screws to fasten the fascia brackets. It should be long enough to penetrate the rafters 2 inches.

Saw gutter length

Cut the gutter section to match the length of a 12-inch power saw. Additionally, if the gutter continues around the corner, make a 45° angle there. If the run requires two gutter sections, place them eight inches apart and attach them with two rows of four stainless steel screws each.

Attach The End Caps

Moreover, at the square end of the gutter, you must attach a spherical end cap with pop rivets. And here’s how to do it. For a short period of time, hold the end cap with a single sheet metal screw and make a 1/8-inch diameter hole. Then insert the pop rivet after removing the temporary screw.

Next, use a siliconized caulk to seal the pop rivets and the end caps.

Install gutter

Put the gutter on the fascia brackets that you previously installed. Continue to twist the gutter in an upward direction until its back edge catches on the upper hooks of the bracket.

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