Insurance restoration in Charlotte NC and Greenville NC: Learn the process

Insurance restoration experts go through the process of an insurance claim

Insurance restoration in Charlotte NC and Greenville SC areas can be a difficult situation after finding damage to your home’s roof after a big storm. There are probably a lot of concerns and questions on your mind, especially about how to deal with your homeowner’s insurance.

If you have not been through it before, the insurance process can be overwhelming and confusing. Unfortunately, your insurance company might deny your claim due to an administrative error if you do not follow the proper steps when filing a claim for roof damage. This is why you are going to read about what you need to know when looking to have your insurance pay to fix the damage to your roof.

The process can be difficult

Both the insurance and roofing industries do not have the best reputations. The truth of the matter is that there’s a lot of insurance and roofing companies that do not have your best interests in mind.

This is why the insurance process can be difficult and confusing. There are companies out there that use this confusion and difficulty to their advantage and scam homeowners who need to get the problem with their roof taken care of right away.

Obviously, not all insurance companies have goals to take advantage of you. Just like other industries, there are some great companies out there and some not-so-great companies.

Understanding that there are people and companies that will try to take advantage of your stressful situation from the beginning will help you to be aware to be sure this does not happen to you.

What will an insurer look for?

When your roof is inspected by the insurance company’s inspector that they send to your home, they will usually look for any damage that is prominent or other weather-related damage that has been done to your roof. This inspector will look for any dark spots or “bruising” on your roof’s shingles where the granules of the shingles are missing and exposing any fiberglass or underlayment. Newer damage will usually have a shiny appearance and any older damage will appear dull due to the exposure to weather.

Smaller damage does not pose any immediate threats to your roof’s structural integrity; however, it can eventually lead to problems. Be aware that many insurance companies will have a limitation of how long a damage claim will be viable. This makes it a good idea to get in touch with your insurance provider as soon as possible after a major storm.

Insurance restoration in Charlotte NC and Greenville SC

An insurance restoration expert should be contacted after your roof damage claim, look for a reputable company that has experience working with insurance claims to communicate with your insurance agency and provide proof that your claim is valid and can replace your roof correctly, without causing more damage or charging an unreasonably large amount. Be thorough with this because choosing a roofer with a poor, or no, reputation can cause any future insurance claims to be denied due to previous installations that weren’t done correctly.

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