Ways to Add Beauty and Curb Appeal to Metal Roofs

Want to add curb appeal to metal roofs? When you replace your roof with metal or build a new home and select sheet metal roofing, you’re making a choice for energy efficiency, environmental friendliness and durability. Today’s metal roofs are more appealing than ever. Compared to the boring metal warehouse and barn roofs of 50 years ago, modern sheet metal roofing has plenty of bells and whistles that will add a touch of style and pizzazz to your home.

Features of Metal Roofs

Metal roofs offer a full spectrum of features for the discerning homeowner. One of their top features is energy efficiency. They reflect the sun’s heat back into the atmosphere. This means that your home won’t heat up as much as it will with an asphalt shingle roof. Your cooling costs could be lower, and your home will have a more consistent temperature. Metal roofs are recyclable, and they can be made of recycled materials. This reduces reliance on limited resources. Metal roofs are also well insulated, so you won’t have to worry about hearing every raindrop that lands on your home during a rain shower or thunderstorm.

Choosing Textures and Colors for a Metal Roof

There are metal roofs that mimic the look of clay or slate tiles. Some metal roofs are textured and colored to replicate the look of wood shakes and architectural shingles. However, you don’t have to disguise the fact that you’re installing a metal roof on your home. Many people like the modern, minimalist look of metal roofing. You could choose a smooth texture and set it off with shiny ceramic paint, which offers enhanced durability and longevity for the roofing system. A terra-cotta color for a Spanish style home, red for a log cabin or gray, green or blue for a modern home will enhance the curb appeal of your metal roof.

Chic Adornments for a Metal Roof

You could up the ante when it comes to your roof’s curb appeal by adding some chic adornments. Cupolas are trending for new construction and home remodels. These can be used to disguise a fireplace or furnace flue. They can also be used around a skylight. Finials are another fun roof adornment to consider. If you’re going for an ultra-modern look to your roof, you could select a finial with intricate carvings. Scrolls for your home’s gables and roof peaks are also options for adding decorative touches to the metal roofing system.

Curb Appeal for Metal Roofs

Weathervanes have been part of the American tradition for exterior home decor for centuries. While they’re mostly decorative now, you could consider a fun weathervane for your metal rooftop. Today’s weathervanes have more options than the roosters of yesteryear. You could choose a dragon as the decoration. Cats are also a popular choice for weathervanes. Some other metal weathervane designs for your metal roof include planets, great white sharks and mermaids. Contact Steele Restoration, your local Charlotte roofing contractor if you want to add beauty and curb appeal to metal roofs, especially your roof!