Property insurance claims and adjusters in Charlotte explain the claim adjusting process

Property insurance claims and adjusters perform their tasks in good faith for fair compensation

Property insurance claims and adjusters in Charlotte NC help prove the loss so your insurer can indemnify you. Their services are in good faith and they aim at making sure the compensation is fair. Here is how the adjuster handles the whole process.

Go through the loss notice

The terms and circumstances of the contract between the insurer and the insured party must be understood by the adjuster. The adjuster must study and thoroughly examine a first-party property insurance policy in order to comprehend it. The specifics of each individual claim help to define and enliven the meaning of the policy contract and give the language of the policy new dimensions.

Review your policy

Within 24 hours of receiving the loss notification, the adjuster should get in touch with the insured and make plans to meet with them and any witnesses as soon as is feasible after finishing the basic preparation steps of examining the loss notice and the policy wording. The adjuster must inform the insured that the policy stipulates that they must provide evidence of their loss to the insurer.

Obtain a recorded statement from the insured party and witnesses

The insured and all witnesses to the occurrence that resulted in the loss should be required to provide the adjuster with a thoroughly recorded statement. A thorough picture of the loss can be obtained by listening to the recorded statements of the insured’s neighbors and family members.

Examine the damage under oath

The insurer should demand the EUO in the following circumstances.

  • When the insured’s loss cannot be proven by sufficient documentary evidence
  • When the insured declines to assist the insurer’s inquiry
  • When the insured cannot provide documentary evidence to substantiate their claim
  • When the insured needs assistance in showing their loss
  • When there is no other way for the insurer to “cross-examine” the insured’s proof of loss
  • When the insurer notices an effort at a false claim

Obtain proof of loss

The burden of proving a loss from causes covered by the terms of an insurance policy falls on the party seeking compensation, and if such proof of loss is made within the contract of insurance, the burden is on the insurer to prove that the loss originated from a cause that is excluded from the policy.

Find the best property insurance claims and adjusters in Charlotte NC

The claims adjusting process makes sure that the whole process is fair. Work with the best property insurance claims and adjusters in Charlotte NC.

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