Property insurance claims and adjusters in Charlotte use these tricks to devalue your claim

Property insurance claims and adjusters should cover your losses after a storm

Property insurance claims and adjusters often defraud unsuspecting homeowners by failing to pay the needed amount after a storm. You need a Charlotte roofing expert on your case to make sure your claim is well processed to handle repairs.

Regardless of how sweet and caring your insurer may seem when taking you on, very few care about your losses. Most of them are in the business of making money and will look to defraud you for your claim and instead hold on to the money.

After a storm, you may want your insurer to come through and cover the repair or roof replacement costs. Unfortunately, you might not know if they wish to settle with you or not, and if they are acting in bad faith, they will start to string you along. Here are some common tricks that adjusters will use to devalue your claim.

Claiming your policy doesn’t cover the damage

Insurance adjusters will look over the fine print of your agreement to determine if the policy offers cover for the damage. In some cases, they may make it seem like your damage is not covered as per the policy.

For example, you can experience stains on your wall or ceiling after a storm. If the policy explicitly states that it covers roof damage, they may avoid settling on issues such as stains since they do not prove roof damage. You might be forced to hire a roofing expert at your own cost to take care of the problem.

Trying to prove the damage happened before the storm

The adjuster will likely try to claim that the damage happened before the storm. If your insurance coverage handles damages due to the storm, they can take away your right to compensation.

Valuing the repair works at meager rates

Since insurers can take time to assess the damage and repair your home, you might be forced to pay a roofing expert from your pocket. Even so, they should reimburse the amount when you show the receipts to them. Adjusters value repair works at floor rates, contesting the receipts as an overcharge and causing you losses.

Property insurance claims and adjusters in Charlotte NC

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