How quality roofing in Greenville SC and Charlotte protects your home

How does quality roofing protect your home?

Quality roofing is an essential component of your Charlotte NC and Greenville SC home because it protects your family from external elements, such as pests, debris, and severe weather conditions. Not only that, it acts as a barrier to other components of your home, such as the siding attic, landscaping, and foundation.

How does your roof work?

Each layer of your roof contributes to the whole roof system. Your roof begins with the attic joists and trusses. The decking is on top of the beams and trusses; this forms the base of the underlayment, the layer that prevents rain from seeping into your attic because of the wind. The next layer of protection on top of the underlayment is tiles, shingles, or metal.

Structural support protection

Your roof can be thought of as the backbone of your house, and it provides structural support to keep your house together. Without your roof, many things such as electrical wiring, lighting, and interior design would not be able to be in your home. Every home need structural support, and your roof makes this happen.

Attic protection

Your roof will have vents installed to help move air out of your house. Circulating hotter air out of the attic helps to prevent significant temperature changes from happening. These roof vents will also help to keep your home from retaining moisture. Without the proper airflow, wet insulation can occur and cause additional problems to your house during humid weather.

Siding protection

Home systems such as your siding are also protected by your roof from the elements. Without this protection, your siding will bake in the sound and will be pounded on by the rain. Over time, it will begin to deteriorate, grow mold or moss, or crack. The siding will also be protected from damage. Your roof provides an overhang that protects the siding from the sun’s rays. Your roof can also hold up branches and other debris that may fall on your house during a storm and can also sometimes prevent your siding from experiencing additional damage. The roof’s drainage systems will also prevent water from running down the side of your house; this can cause your siding to deteriorate and cause it to grow mold, fungus, and moss.

Quality roofing in Greenville SC and Charlotte protects your foundation

Quality roofing can direct the flow of water to an external drain and help to preserve the lifespan of your foundation. Without this protection, rainwater can pour next to your home and form rivulets to different locations.

This water runoff can seep into your home’s foundation or collect on a slab. Sometimes heavier water flows can lead to shifting soil, which can cause problems to your home structure. The investment you make to your roof can bring a high return, preventing foundation or structural issues from occurring for many years.

You wouldn’t want to keep making repairs to your home’s structure and other minor adjustments that could have been prevented by having a well-maintained roof in the first place.

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