Quality roofing expert in Greenville SC and Charlotte NC: check your roof

A quality roofing professional can help you with roofing

A quality roofing job is one of the most expensive parts of your Greenville SC or Charlotte NC home’s maintenance. However, this is one area of your home that can be at risk of bad quality from a shoddy contractor. You would expect your roof to look great and perform what you expect it to after spending thousands. Having a roof that is repaired poorly won’t only look bad, but it can lead to numerous costly expenses down the line, including structural damage from humidity and leaks. You can’t afford to have poor workmanship on your home’s roof in the warm weather. So how can you be sure that the roofers you hired have done a good job?

There is good news for you; it’s not necessary for you to be a professional contractor to spot a poor roofing job. All you will need to do is be on the lookout for key signs. Each of these signs will be a giveaway as to whether or not your contractor has done a good job or failed to do the work properly.

Common signs of a bad roof job

There are numerous ways that a roofing contractor can mess up your roof. Each way has a risk of creating a leak.

Here are several of the most common indications of an improper roof installation.

Shingle damage: Shingle damage or losing shingles can happen after a storm or series of storms, but if your home is the only one in the neighborhood that is affected, you should consider whether the roof quality is the cause. Shingles can always be replaced, but if there has been some significant damage, you should consider performing an inspection to understand how big the problem is.

Stains: Black stains on your roof may be an indicator of a water leak. You should closely inspect these stains, and be sure to look in your attic in the same area to see how big the leak is and if there has been any damage.

An isolated leak can often be fixed without replacing the whole roof, but any extensive damage can point to a bigger problem that will need a lot of work and maybe a new roof.

Reused flashing material: The flashing is a thin piece of sheet metal that is installed on your roof to prevent any water from leaking into your house. Just because your roof was not leaking before having a new roof installed doesn’t mean any of the flashings should be used again. A good roofing contractor will know that the nails that are being used for the new roof will not always go through the old nail holes in the used flashing. Replacing the old flashings with new ones is the only way to ensure that your roof will not have any leaks.

Get quality roofing in Greenville SC and Charlotte with an excellent contractor

You can have a quality roofing job done by avoiding poor quality before it ever happens. There are many sources that you can find to determine whether your chosen contractor will be reliable. Finding a good contractor is not hard if you have a good idea of what it takes to be a roofing contractor and build a local reputation within your community. Steer clear of any contractor that has a history of clients that have had issues with them in the past.

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