Quality roofing in Charlotte NC and Greenville SC: what happens if you ignore a leak?

Top quality roofing discusses leaks

Quality roofing from a reputable and experienced contractor in the Charlotte NC area is a standard roofing solution. However, a roof will have a lifespan of approximately 20 to 40 years on average, of course, depending on the manufacturer of the material used to replace the roof.

As we all know, your roof will not last forever, and when your roof begins to leak after becoming compromised, you will have two options to consider, either you can have the leak fixed, or you can ignore it.

Ignoring a leaking and hoping it will get better without any involvement from you or a contractor is tempting. Still, the better option will always be to fix the leak immediately.

Waiting too long to fix a roof problem is another common mistake that a homeowner can make. It will rarely ever save you money by waiting for a moment when you have a large number of repairs.

Here are a few of the problems you can expect to encounter if you decide to ignore a roof leak.

Storage damage

Your storage area, such as a crawlspace or attic, can often be the first to experience damage caused by water. If you have boxes stored, they can be destroyed before you ever notice a leak. For this reason, it will be vital to check your roof’s shingles for any damage. If you see any missing or loose shingles, give your local roofing contractor a call.


It can sometimes be difficult to getting everything dried out after having a leak in your roof. There may be some areas that won’t get completely dry or may be inaccessible. To make matters worse, consistent and repeated water exposure will mean those specific areas will remain wet between rains. This is a perfect growing condition for mold. You will need to make a call to someone to remediate the mold if the damage is bad enough; this service can quickly get expensive. There will also be mold-related health issues that can affect your family and put them in harm’s way.

Structural integrity can be reduced

Your chosen contractor will most likely be worried about your home’s structural integrity if you have had a significant leak in your roof. Leaks can damage parts of your home, such as the ceiling joists, rafters, exterior trims, fascia boards, and wall framing. This can leave any wooden component weakened and rotting. You will be looking at an expensive repair once the rotting reaches the ceiling joists and roof framing, and you may have to replace the walls, roof frame, rafters, and different parts of your ceiling.

Quality roofing in Charlotte, NC

A quality roof can begin to deteriorate due to its age or the weather’s effects on it; in any case, the roof’s lifespan will be shortened. It can be an expensive task to replace a roof, and many homeowners will try to put it off for as long as they can. This will not only cost you a lot of money but you and your family can be displaced temporarily when the replacement is being done. You should do yourself a big favor and get in touch with an experienced roofing contractor rather than letting your roof become weakened from ignoring a leak.

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