Residential roof repair in Greenville SC: Find the top roofing company

Residential roof repair for my Greenville/Spartanburg home

Residential roof repair is essential to your Greenville/Spartanburg SC home. From capping your home’s curb appeal to keeping your house protected from the weather, there is a lot riding on the condition of your roof. It will have to withstand decades of pounding rain, blazing sun, and gusting winds, as it protects you and your family from the outdoor elements while at the same time making your house look good from the street.

Should you replace your roof yourself?

It’s typically not recommended for a homeowner to get on their own roof to make a repair or replacement. If you’re not sure what you’re doing, you can do severe damage to both your roof and yourself.

Many DIY websites will usually show a roof that is very straightforward, and you can possibly fix your roof yourself if you follow all safety instructions and are handy enough. But it’s not always as simple as it appears. It’s not worth the danger of possibly causing injury to yourself or loved ones to try to save money, and still not have a professionally done new roof. Always contact the professionals for a roof repair or replacement.

The re-shingling process

Every type of shingle on the market will have its own set of unique characteristics. Each type of shingle is designed for different roof pitches; they will also have their own installation process. Since this is the case, every shingle type will have its own installation timespan.

The following shingles can be finished in these specific amounts of days:

  • Slate tiles and shingles: 6-7 days
  • Wooden shingles: 3-4 days
  • Concrete tiles and shingles: 8-9 days
  • Asphalt shingles: 1-2 days

You should know that this information is based on data. Asphalt shingles may take 1-2 days to install on a roof that is 1,600 square feet, but the length of time can vary depending on different conditions.

Factors to consider when repairing your roof

If you are repairing or replacing your roof yourself, you should be mindful of these variables that can affect how long it can take to install your new roof:

Weather: You will need to accept that there will be times throughout the year that the weather will not be on your side. If you are installing shingles during cooler seasons, there may be some additional steps. Also, it is not recommended that you re-shingle your roof when it is raining.

House size: The size of your roof can also determine the length of time it takes to replace it. Typically, an average home has a roof that is between 1,600 – 1,700 square feet. In these cases, a roof can be re-shingled in a few days, but a roof with double the area can usually take more than a week.

Top residential roof repair in Greenville/Spartanburg SC

Residential roof repair is always better to do during warmer weather. Shingles have an adhesive strip that will allow them to bond to one another, and the heat from the sun is what can make that bond happen.

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