Residential roofing contractors in Charlotte NC offers advice on proper roofing ventilation

Top residential roofing contractors: signs of poor roof ventilation

Top residential roofing contractors understand that as a homeowner, you will want to protect your home and everything that is inside of it. Protecting and maintaining your roof’s health is a great place to get started. There can be big repercussions, when damage happens to the exterior of your home, especially to your roof, this can affect your family and your home. Following the proper roof ventilation practices is the best way to prolong the health of your roof.

Your roof will not be able to perform at its best with poor ventilation. Proper airflow will allow warm air and moisture to flow out while fresh from the soffit vents will flow in. This will lessen the workload on your HVAC or air conditioner system and stops damage from moisture.

What is roofing ventilation?

Roof ventilation is a system of vents that provide circulation in the air with intake and exhaust vents to keep your home atmosphere comfortable. Hot air can become trapped in your home without the in and out vents that are involved in roof ventilation, this can cause a wide variety of problems to your home.

Signs of poor ventilation

It may appear to be a small problem, but a poorly ventilated roof can cause expensive repairs and high utility bills if not quickly dealt with.  Knowing how ventilated your roof is is very important. Here are signs to look out for to know if your roof is not ventilated properly.

Excessive heat: A poorly ventilated roof will mean that during the warmer months the heat that is created by the sun beating on your roof and the heat that will rise from the rest of your house will have no way to escape. This will push downwards into your living space, raising the temperature and your electricity bill as a result.

Mold: The cold air in the attic during the winter will meet with the rising warm, moist air from below from things such as heating, cooking, and showering and create condensation. The built-up condensation will drip, turn into mold, and the mold will then blow into your living space. Rotting structural wood can be the result of accumulating and excessive condensation, this can lead to unnecessary expenses.

Roof damage: A lot of damage to your roof can happen when there is too much moisture in your attic. Rust may form and build upon your venting duct straps and roofing nails. There will also be a buildup of algae, mold, or fungus on your roofing materials. The moisture will cause your roof to decay.

Residential roofing contractors in Charlotte NC: extend your roof’s life

Residential roofing contractors can help to properly vent your roof to allow moisture and hot air to escape, this will help to decrease your air conditionings workload.

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