Residential roofing services and heat damage in Charlotte NC and Greenville SC

Top residential roofing services if your roof is heat damaged

Top residential roofing services in the Charlotte North Carolina, and Greenville SC areas are here to help now that summer is in full effect because the heat from the season can leave your roof open to damage from the rising temperatures. Older roofs will generally be more susceptible to heat damage, it will still be a good idea to understand how your roof can be affected by the hotter weather.

Roofing inspections will be especially important, as a homeowner you can catch any signs of thermal shock, roof degradation, and damage due to humidity. This can give you some time to step in with repairs, ventilation, and dehumidifiers to reverse or stop any damage that can be the result of extreme heat before your roof is damaged beyond repair.

What is roof degradation?

Thanks to the sun’s harmful UV rays, your roof can become damaged. The older your roof is the worse it will show. You may also notice that the shingles on an older roof may start to curl upward and show signs of deterioration, this is a sure sign of the sun over exposure over time.

A few indicators that it is time to replace your roof is buckling, peeling, and eroding, this means that your roof has suffered enough degradation to warrant an investment in its repair.

If your roof is suffering from these obvious signs of damage from the heat and it is over two decades old, it will be time to call an expert for a replacement.

What is thermal shock?

Throughout the day your roof will reach high temperatures and then start to cool as the sun goes down, this is what causes thermal shock. The materials used to make your roof that is submitted to thermal shock will rapidly go through both expansion and contraction, weakening the structural integrity of your roof. This can be a big issue for roofs made with metal since the shape can start to become warped and create gaps.

Will humidity affect your roof?

Condensation can begin to form underneath the shingles of your roof due to the humid, hot air. This will eventually lead to water damage.

This damage from high humidity can result in splits and cracks that can be seen in your roof. The process of thermal shock, which we have discussed, can also increase the signs of damage. If you start to see a water-damaged ceiling inside of your home or notice any leaks, these are also signs of damage from the humidity.

Top residential roofing services in Greenville SC and Charlotte 

Top residential roofing services suggest that in order to relieve the worst summer heat-related problems, ensure that there is enough ventilation in your attic. This can help to protect your investment and make your roof last much longer.

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