Residential roofing services in Charlotte NC and Greenville SC- don’t get scammed

Residential roofing services: how to tell if you are about to be scammed

Many residential roofing services across the country will sadly try to rip people off. Many times, these scammers will call themselves professional roofers. It can even happen in Charlotte NC or Greenville SC local areas.

There are a lot of individuals that a homeowner will have to deal with that are going to eventually rip them off. These firms or individuals are constantly ruining the reputation of legitimate roofing contractors. Many of these scam artists are pretenders who are unlicensed and have no idea how to work on a roof.

You should always trust your gut as a homeowner. Be sure to always use some common sense when deciding who to use as your roofing contractor. This can help you to avoid being ripped off.

If you believe your chosen contractor is trying to rip you off, keep reading as we will be going over the common signs of roofing scams.

Bait and switch

When a roofing contractor offers a deal that is lower than many other companies in your area can be the beginning stages of a bait and switch. The contractor will most likely increase their costs slowly once you have taken the bait and signed a contract.

The significant decrease in their costs when compared to every other roofing company can be an easy sign to spot with these kinds of scams. You would be able to see what the standard asking price would be after some research for specific roofing work and not get caught in this scenario.

Cutting corners

By skimping in small ways that can add up, a contractor will save themselves labor time. Homes with poor framing and improperly secured roofing can suffer the most damage after being hit by a hurricane. In order to put together a home in record time and reduce their expenses of materials used, a roofing contractor may use the minimal number of fasteners on shingles. The shingles will start to lift, buckle, and separate due to the windy conditions over time, this will increase the risk of leaks in your roof during the stormy weather.

The door knocker

Oftentimes a scammer will come to your home out of the blue, knock on your door, and start to explain how they noticed that there is an issue with your roof and will do a free inspection. Afterward, they will start to let you know about a serious issue that they have found in your roof; they will then miraculously have a solution to this problem in the back of their pickup. However, the truth will be that there was no need for any repairs on your roof and that scammer most likely kicked a major dent in one of your vents or maybe even ripped off a few shingles during their “inspection”.

Residential roofing services in Charlotte NC and Greenville SC and scams

Residential roofing services scams can be avoided by getting multiple quotes from trustworthy, local roofing contractors. A professional roofing contractor business will never skip town on you and will most likely have a lot of reviews from previous customers in the same neighborhood as you.

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