Charlotte’s best residential roofing experts explains hurricane effect on roof’s lifespan

Residential roofing experts can help you maintain a sturdy roof even in bad weather

Residential roofing contractors in Charlotte NC understand the concerns that every homeowner might have with roof damage. Your roof may sustain serious damage from a hurricane, which might result in leaks, mold growth, and structural problems. We’ll talk about how hurricanes can shorten the lifespan of your roof in this blog post, along with what you can do to keep your house safe.

Ways hurricanes affect your roof

As every homeowner in a coastal area is aware, hurricanes may seriously harm buildings even if they are not directly hit. For instance, strong winds may cause shingles to come loose or break, allowing water to leak in and seriously harm the roof deck and supporting structure.

After a hurricane, it is crucial to have a qualified inspector look for hidden damage even if there is no obvious damage to the roof. Many times, damage caused by wind-driven rain is unnoticeable and won’t be discovered until the following major storm. Therefore, even if there is no obvious damage, it is always wiser to err on the side of caution and have your roof inspected after a hurricane.

The absence of obvious roof damage during a hurricane does not guarantee that your house will not sustain damage. Storm-related high winds can cause loosening and blowing off of shingles, leaving your roof open to additional wind and rain damage. In addition, strong rains might result in leaks that let water into your house, ruining your ceiling and walls.

Hurricane-proofing your home

  • Check your roof frequently. A professional roof inspection is necessary at least once a year to check for any indications of wear and tear or damage.
  • Verify the cleanliness and condition of your gutters. By channeling water away from your property, gutters help to protect your roof from water damage.
  • Around your home, prune the bushes and trees. Keep your overhanging branches trimmed back since they can harm your roof during a hurricane.
  • Set up hurricane clips or straps. These fixtures aid in keeping your roof attached to the rest of your home and assist keep it from being blown off during strong winds.
  • Invest in doors and windows that are impact-resistant. One of your home’s most susceptible areas during a hurricane is the windows and doors.

Work with Charlotte’s best residential roofing experts

Bad weather like hurricanes can damage your roof, so you should protect it to improve its lifespan. Work with Charlotte’s best residential roofing experts for the best results.

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