Residential roofing expert in Charlotte NC answers if metal roofs make the house hot

Residential roofing helps your home remain cool by installing roofs properly

Residential roofing experts in Charlotte NC will help you determine the right answers for any problems you might have about your roof. A common assumption people make is that metal roofs will make your home get hot. Truth is, metal roofs are made of materials with highly reflective qualities that deflect sunlight. In general, homes with metal roofs don’t get any hotter.

Your home’s roof is not designed to keep it warm or cool. They are designed to keep outside elements out of your house. Even when the air conditioner is working, your home may still feel warm during the summer due to air leaks and inadequate insulation.

It will be substantially easier to keep the house from getting too hot if there are mature trees around to give shade. Cutting off branches that overhang the roof may be a simple solution to any problems caused by branches and other debris falling on the roof.

Some other questions we receive that are related to this include:

Do metal roofs absorb the sun’s heat?

In direct sunshine, metal roofs will absorb heat, but asphalt shingles will also do so. It all boils down to how heavy the roofing material is and how quickly it will cool off.

The cooling down procedure will take longer with heavier roofing materials like slate or asphalt shingles since they will hold onto heat longer.

Are darker metal roofs hotter?

It is well known that lighter/paler colors aid in improved heat reflection while darker metals absorb heat more quickly. While black metal will absorb more heat than white metal would, both materials are better at reflecting the sun’s heat than asphalt shingles.

We provide multiple standard colors for metal roofing so you can choose one that fits your design from them. The sun’s rays would be better reflected by the lighter colors than by the darker ones.

How does ventilation help cool down my home?

Ridge vents and gable vents are the two primary methods of ventilation for metal roofing. How well your roof ventilates has a big role in how much heat your home and roof can store and release. Any roofing material will make your home hotter if the roof was improperly built.

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