Residential roofing experts in Charlotte NC explain the types of roof vents

Residential roofing install roof vents in your home for a balanced attic

Residential roofing experts in Charlotte NC make sure your home’s ventilation is working in the best possible way. Various factors affect air circulation at home, and experts install roof vents to provide quality air. Using the vents prevents mold and mildew problems in the home, which can sometimes affect the home’s comfort.

Ventilation options for your roof and attic can be confusing to choose among. To make a proper selection, you should check through the options and make sure they are suitable. This article discusses the various roof vent options that residential roofers install for a balanced attic.

Intake vents

These vent types often take air into the home from the outdoors. Therefore, intake vents allow for adequate air circulation by replacing the amount of air that leaves through the exhaust vents.

By making sure the attic has a balanced airflow, these vent types improve comfort and keep your cooling energy costs low.

Intake vents are categorized into two, namely:

  1. Soffit vents are the most common of the two types. These vent types are placed underneath the roof eaves along the house’s length. Roofers place the soffit vents in spaces where the insulation does not cover for maximum functionality.
  2. Roof intake vents – As the name suggests, these vent types are roof-mounted. Unlike the soffit vents, they are placed on the roof in a manner that blends in to allow for adequate air inflow.

Roof or wind turbines

Wind turbines are also a common roof vent option for drawing out hot and moist air. They have vanes built into them, which the wind on the outside turns, creating a vacuum that sucks out the hot air. This allows dry and cooler air to flow into the attic, maintaining a favorable temperature.

Exhaust vents

These roof vent types allow most of the air in the attic to flow into the outdoors. The residential roofers place exhaust vents at the topmost point of the roof. Hot air rises and gathers in such areas meaning the exhaust vents let such hot air out.

Work with the best residential roofing experts in Charlotte NC

Roof vent installation can be quite tasking; you have to leave the work to experts since they can easily handle it. Working with Charlotte’s top-ranked residential roofing expert will get you top results.

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