Residential roofing replacement in Charlotte NC discusses cleanup

Residential roofing replacement experts in Charlotte NC know that using a top roofing company means that after your roof is replaced, you don’t discover nails in your yard for many months to come. Hiring a professional means that the clean-up phase after the roof is completed is done thoroughly and completely.

How does the cleanup work?

Residential roofing replacement experts in Charlotte NC ensure that majority of the team will be responsible for ripping off your old roof and installing your new roof. At the same time, the remaining members will remain on the ground to ensure that all roofing debris is transported to the dump trailer.

Residential roofing replacement cleanup on the roof

When they’re finished, they’ll blow away the sawdust that was leftover from cutting the vents for your ventilation system, as well as any loose gravel from your roofs and the gutters. During the tear-off procedure, your gutters should have already been cleaned; but, when your replacement is complete, your roofing contractor should run a magnet over them to remove any stray nails.

Cleaning up the compound

Your top Charlotte roofing company makes sure that when the downspouts have been cleaned, next they will begin visually evaluating your yard and landscaping, searching for any roofing debris that may have been overlooked during the first roofing inspection. With one or two magnets, they’ll travel around your yard and driveway looking for any nails that have gotten away.

Final checks

They’ll pack up all of their gear and equipment, then back their cars off of your driveway so that they may utilize the strong handheld blowers for clearing away any paved surfaces that have accumulated. Afterward, they’ll stroll around your property, blowing away any granules or dust that may have landed on your porch or patio.

With good cleanup by a roofing contractor like Steele Restoration, you may find yourself with a yard that is even tidier than it was before the roof repair. To provide you with the best-looking roof in the area, Steele Restoration has together a team of experts to provide high-quality roof replacements to people in Charlotte, NC.

Top residential roofing replacement experts in Charlotte, NC

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