Residential roofing 101: Top Charlotte roofer

Residential roofing cannot be neglected. Your roof may last a long time, but no roof lasts forever.  Maybe you have been thinking of undergoing a roofing project which could either be repair or installation of a roof, and you have been confused by the roofing jargon residential roofing company workers are saying. Let’s walk you through identifying parts of the roof and understanding residential roofing terms. This is a guide that is made for you.

Roof Structure

In residential roofing, the roof structure is a frame that holds the roof. The roof structure defines the shape of your roof depending on the components, whether it is made of rafters, trusses, or beams. The layout of a residential home and its covering is a determinant of a roof structure. Most residential roofs are made of lumber. One thing to note is that roof structure differs, a house that has concrete tiles will have a different roof structure from one that has shingles because of the weight. The roofing structure also determines how the slope of the roof will be.

Roof Sheathing

You might be walking around the neighborhood and you find workers working on a residential roofing project, and then when you look closely you spot bare sheets on top of the house, that is what is referred to as roof sheathing. In this type of roofing, the oriented strand board (OSB) is a commonly used material because it is cheap and light-weighted. Plywood can also be used, but it is mostly used for roofs that will hold extra weight like the concrete tiles.

Roof Flashing 

In residential roofing, the term roof flashing means a metal strip that is used to keep water from entering the roof.   Roofs have joints, it is the function of the roof flashing to ensure that the water does not get in between the joints. The roof flashing is placed around the protrusion so the water can run off the roof.

Roof Ventilation 

In residential roofing, the roofing ventilation system is very important. When correctly installed the roof, ventilator helps in prolonging the life span of the roof and lower the indoor temperature.  The two parts of the roof vents are the exhaust function and intake vents. When properly installed the vent, system allows cool air into the house and discharge hot air.

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