How to Choose a Roof Adornment for Your Home

Want a Roof Adornment for your home?  Here are tips. Whether you are building a new home, making repairs or getting some upgrades, you may want to consider some adornments for the roof. A good time to install roof adornments is when a new or replacement roof is being installed on your home. Here are some of the top options for roof adornments and some of the features they provide to your property.

Roof Adronament- Ornamental Weathervanes

Weathervanes used to be a functional item to help people tell changes in the direction of the wind. They also used to help homeowners determine the wind speed. Today, weathervanes are less about function and more about fashion.  They add a certain flair to your home. If you have a farmhouse, consider an antique-style rooster weathervane. If your home is Victorian or historical, a vintage weathervane with a celestial or avian theme is a good choice. For a modern home style, the sky’s the limit on weathervane designs. You could choose something eclectic, such as a cat playing. Perhaps you like the unusual, in which case a mermaid or dragon weathervane could be a fun choice as a Roof Adornment.


Roof Adornment- Lighting Systems

A Roof Adornment could also be a lighting or an entire lighting system could also be a good option for adorning your roof. These not only add beauty to your house, but they are also functional. Consider spotlights for the special touches of your roof, such as the weathervane or a cupola. You could also install spotlights to shine at your flag pole. Consider lighting for the corners of your roof. These lights can be directed at your doors, driveway and sidewalk. The lighting adds security and safety to your property. You could also choose decorative lights, including seasonal lights that hang from your roof’s peak.

Solar Panels

Solar panels are also worth your consideration when it comes to adorning your roof. While solar panels are not decorative, they are functional and environmentally friendly. If your home’s roof has direct sunlight on its southern, eastern, or western faces, solar panels could generate a considerable amount of power and be a great Roof Adornment. In places that have a lot of sunny days, your solar panels might generate enough power that you could sell it back to the utility company. This could result in you having a zero balance on your electricity bills. Solar arrays and panels for rooftops are available in a range of sizes and configurations.


If you are looking for something simple and stylish to adorn your roof, consider finials. These decorative elements are typically added to the corner or peak of a roof. They are an excellent choice if you have a Gothic or Victorian home. A finial is usually made of stone or copper. Over time, the copper develops an attractive patina that adds a distinctive look to your home. Consider a finial for a turret, spire, dome or gable of your house. There are ornate and minimalist styles available. Contact your local Charlotte contractor, Steele Restoration, for more information on choosing a Roof Adornment.