Roof installer in Charlotte, NC shares the worst ideas on protecting your roof

Top roof installer in Charlotte NC discusses what not to do

A roof installer in the Charlotte NC area can help you spare yourself from making a wrong decision regarding your roof. You may be thinking that you are doing a lot to help protect your roof, but what you might actually be doing is contributing to its damage. Avoid any of the following ideas that homeowners may have to protect their roofs if you don’t want to be spending any money on a premature roof replacement.

Using a pressure hose to clean your roof

Understandably, some circumstances and conditions result in you using a pressure washer and hose when you see moss or mold on your roof. Unless you are aware of the methods on how and when to use a pressure washer, you can create more roof damage even if you are able to clean all the mold, moss, and dirt. You should first check your roofing material and ask the manufacturer for their recommendations on how to clean your roof.

Not maintaining your trees

If you have trees around your property, debris could get on your roof during a storm. A pile of heavy branches can be dangerous and damage your room. If your roof already has some existing problems, the weight of all the debris can lead to a collapse. You can prevent this unfortunate scenario from happening by trimming the branches of your trees.

Not maintaining your gutters

During the storm and rainy season, there can be more water that can flow to your gutters. If you don’t maintain your gutters, there is a chance that your roof will deteriorate faster due to water leakage and moisture.

Do it yourself cleaning

Cleaning your roof is not easy. You may believe that all it can take is to use the exact cleaning solutions that you would use on other areas of your house, and this lack of knowledge can lead to bad results. Some cleaning solutions can be bad for your roofing material and can create more damage instead of just washing away any dirt.

Never install things directly to your roof

Whether it’s solar panels, a satellite dish, or Christmas lights, you should never be attaching anything directly to your roof. Using nails or screws to connect a satellite dish or Christmas lights can cause leaks. Instead, you may want to consider using under-eve brackets. With solar panels, there are options for you to choose from that will allow for installation with concealed brackets to protect the integrity of your roof’s seal.

Best roof installer in Charlotte, NC

A roof installer that is inexperienced shouldn’t be used just because they are offering lower rates. You should be vigilant when hiring a roofing contractor, and you should be conducting a thorough assessment to be sure that you are hiring a legitimate roofer. Check their previous work, ask for referrals, and verify how long they have worked in the industry.

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