Roof leak repair in Greenville SC and Charlotte NC: How to find a leak

Roof leak repair experts can help you to find a leak in your roof

Roof leak repair can be done by yourself if you have found water stains in your Charlotte NC and Greenville SC home that run down your walls or extend across your ceiling. Tracking down the leak source can be difficult; depending on the size of the damage, the repair can be easy.

If you have a leak in your roof, you should fix it as soon as possible, even if you’re getting a new roof within the next year or the leak doesn’t bother you that much. A tiny leak can become a large problem over a short time, causing rotted sheathing and framing, mold, and damaged ceilings and insulation.

By knowing how to find a leak in your roof, you can quickly identify where the leak is coming from and stop the leak before the damage gets worse.

Go into your attic to have a good view of your roof’s underside

Grab a flashlight and climb up to your attic. Be careful while you’re up there; if your attic doesn’t have the proper flooring, you can carefully step from joist to joist. If you happen to step between the joists, you may put your foot through your ceiling.

Use your flashlight to examine the underside of your roof and look for any areas that look darker than the roof sheathing. It may be harder to see any moist spots if it hasn’t rained recently. However, mold tends to stay around. If you find a patch of mold, which lives on moisture, there’s a good chance that you have found a vulnerable point in your roof.

Create a rainstorm

This method will need help from another person. Have them go inside the house to where you spotted some signs of a leak. Climb up onto your roof with a water hose and spray your whole roof with water. Spray each roof section for at least 5 seconds and move on to the next. Tell your helper to shout when they see water dripping.

There’s a chance that this may have any results. The problem here will be once the water enters your roof, gravity will push the water to a specific area where it will collect. For example, the spot in your roof that can be causing a leak may be located above your living room, but the signs can be seen in the dining room. In these cases, it will be in your best interest to call a roofer.

Roof leak repair in Greenville SC and Charlotte NC: we found a leak

Roof leak repairs won’t happen on their own. The sooner you start the process to fix your leak, the less damage you will need to pay to make any repairs. If you’re not confident in making the repairs on your own, you can always reach out to a professional roofer to get involved and give you the support you need to fix your leaky roof.

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