Charlotte’s roof repair specialist explains restoring your roof

Charlotte’s roof repair specialist helps homeowners plan for their system’s restoration

Charlotte’s roof repair specialist insists that homeowners handle repairs as soon as they notice storm roof damage or a small leak in the attic. The average cost of repair falls between $300 to $1600. Still, various factors determine the exact figure you will have to spend.

Factors that affect the cost of a repair

Different variables impact the cost of a repair, including size, complexity, and pitch. The three have a role to play in any roof leak or exterior repair. It’s typical for a larger roof to need more labor and materials. Similarly, a roof with damaged shingles in a hard-to-access location will cost more to repair. An example is a roof with damaged decking in a valley. Lastly, the pitch or steepness of the roof will affect the overall cost.

A damaged decking

The repair cost will increase if the decking exhibits sign of wood rot or other damage. The increase is based on the price of lumber, roof pitch, and the extent and location of the repair.

Damaged rafters

Wood rot or other damage can extend to the rafters. Due to the need for a rafter replacement, you can expect the cost to go up.

Intricate repairs

Roof repairs can be very complex, increasing the cost significantly. These repairs could be second attempts (an already attempted repair that failed), repairs on very intricate roofing systems, repairs on luxury roofing materials, and very steep roofs. It’s always good to contact a reputable roofer for a free consultation to understand the extent of your repair.

Why it’s crucial to repair the roof

  1. Functionality

Minor roof damage could affect how your roofing system functions. The roof safeguards your home from different elements that could result in mold and mildew, water intrusion, and compromised structural integrity.

  1. Prevention

Issues associated with a damaged roof can only worsen. The same is true for the damage itself. Any existing roof problems will get bigger the longer you wait to repair them. A small shingle repair can explode into a major problem over time, particularly if the roof is exposed to adverse weather.

Choose Charlotte’s roof repair specialist

Address minor to complex roof damage immediately to prevent a host of issues that could cost more. Timely restoration from Charlotte’s repair specialist maintains excellent functionality and boosts longevity.

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