Roof repair expert in Charlotte NC explains things that ruin your roof

Roof repair companies handle roof problems at the source to prevent them from happening

Roof repair experts in Charlotte NC understand most of the reasons why you experience roofing problems. The damage to the roof can cause openings or leaks that let in water and pests into the home. Water damage in the home will affect the air quality and also the paint job since it promotes moss and mold growth. Pests make the home uninhabitable and destroy property, so you need to deal with the issue at the source. Here are some things that can ruin your roof that you should check out for.

Ice, rain, and snow

Moisture is the deadliest enemy for your roof, but sadly, it’s even in the air here. Your home’s structure may be harmed if moisture penetrates your roof. Mildew, mold, and decay can all result from it, and it can even harm the attic insulation.

Although rain is the main problem, melting snow can sometimes re-freeze and result in ice dams, which prevent water from draining through your gutters and cause it to back up under your roofing materials. Water intrusion through your ceiling may result from these forced leaks.

Overhanging trees

Overhanging branches from trees can seriously harm your home even if a tree limb doesn’t fall on your roof. Sometimes the harm is indirect, as when leaves build up on the roof and trap moisture to foster the ideal environment for mold to thrive, and other times it is direct, like when a branch punctures your shingles and opens a doorway for water to enter the framework of your home.


There is no shortage of wind in Charlotte, and the harm it causes to your roof could be fatal. Your roof’s underlayment becomes revealed when the wind lifts and tears your shingles off of it. Your roof may begin to leak if the underlayment is visible because there are no shingles to act as a water barrier. Roof margins and edges are typically the parts that sustain the most damage from wind.

Excessive sun

Your shingles may eventually start to deteriorate due to harmful UV radiation and the normal sun heat. The sun can sometimes cause your shingles to fade and deteriorate to the point that they are no longer effective at shielding your property.

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The above elements damage the quality of your roof. If you experience roof repair problems, contact the best roof repair expert in Charlotte for top results.

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