Roof repair experts in Charlotte NC explains if solar installation voids roof warranty

Roof repair experts discuss warranty types and solar installation

Roof repair experts in Charlotte NC notice most homeowners are interested in going green. To reduce their energy costs and have a home power source that does not completely rely on the neighborhood utility company, many homeowners desire to install solar panels. The most frequently asked question is “Does installing solar panels affect roof warranty,” even though there are many other factors to take into account before installation.

Generally speaking, if done appropriately and in accordance with the instructions provided by the roofing manufacturer, installing a solar system shouldn’t void the guarantee on your roof. With the help of the following information, you can maintain your roof and warranty even after installing solar panels and skylights.

Roofing warranty types

Your roof will have different labor and material warranties:

  1. Standard Warranty: Similar to solar panels, this only covers manufacturing flaws and excludes wear and tear or damage from improper installation. The type of substance usually affects how long the coverage lasts. For instance, metal roofs offer a longer warranty period than asphalt shingles, which have 20-year warranties.
  2. Workmanship Warranty: Roofing contractors back up their work, and these labor warranties provide assurance that their installation won’t cause you any problems.

Situations that void your roof warranty

The roofing business will not cover the new features if, after a roofing contractor constructs your roof, a solar firm installs solar panels and, in the course of doing so, adds other roofing components. For instance, the flashing will not be covered by the roofing contractor’s guarantee if the solar firm drills holes in the roof for mounting panel assemblies and installs flashing. You as a homeowner could streamline the procedure by having the roofer install the solar panel flashing. By doing this, you may be sure that your roofing contractor will pay for any further roof damage.

Handling a voided roof warranty

It is advisable to speak with your original roofer throughout the installation of solar panels in order to keep your roof guaranteed. They will give you or your solar installer advice on how to prevent damage to the roof that would violate its guarantee.

Your solar installer should pay for the damage if the unthinkable happens and your roof warranty becomes void. Most craftsmanship warranties guarantee that there won’t be any problems with the caliber of their work. Even if you already know the answer to the question of whether solar panels void roof warranties or not, rest assured that you are still protected.

Work with the best roof repair experts in Charlotte NC

The roof warranty may be voided if the solar installation affects its functionality or causes damage to the roof. Work with the best roof repair professionals in Charlotte NC for the best results.

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