Roof repair experts in Charlotte NC explain repairing blown-off shingles

Roof repair experts repair blown-off shingles to keep your roof in the best condition

Roof repair experts in Charlotte NC insist on the need to replace the shingles that have been blown off. Homeowners should always quickly inspect their roofs after any kind of storm to make sure the shingles are still in place and unharmed. Homeowners should be able to fix blown-off roof shingles if the damage is discovered. It is a really simple operation.

After a storm, if you notice some of your shingles are missing, act immediately. To avoid water damage to the supporting roof structure and inside leaks, they need to be changed or the roof area needs to be covered.

Repairing shingles that have been blown off

The simplest technique to fix roof shingles that have been blown off is to replace them one at a time or in groups. You can take off the damaged shingles and replace them with new ones. But because weather conditions might make the older shingles’ color fade, these patches might be obvious.

Here is a step-by-step process.

  1. Remove any old nails that could still be holding the damaged shingle to the roof with the pry bar. Remove any trash or lingering nails if the entire shingle is missing. In most cases, there are four nails: two holding the shingle that is missing and two holding the shingle above it, which pierce the shingle below. As you install the fresh shingle, momentarily remove those. A new shingle could be punctured if it is placed on top of old nails.
  2. A new shingle should be slid beneath the one above it, being careful not to disturb or harm the older ones. To make a strong connection, you might need to remove the shingle nails from the shingle above it. In addition to replacing the nails in the shingle above it, replace the old one.

Note: The underside of certain shingles has adhesive strips that, when bonded, form a solid, waterproof seal with the shingle beneath them.

Work with the top roof repair experts in Charlotte NC

Shingles that have been blown off leave spaces in your roof that can cause leaks and even worse, result in moisture damage within your home. Work with the best roof repair experts in Charlotte NC to help return your roof to its best condition.

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