Roof repair experts in Charlotte NC explain types of gutter hangers

Roof repair experts can help you choose which gutter hanger type to install

Roof repair experts in Charlotte NC recommend installing a great gutter hanger type in your home. The secret to increasing the life of your gutter system is gutter hangers. By using the proper gutter hanging system, you can prevent water from eroding your home. Discover the various gutter hanger kinds so you can choose the one that is best for your home.

The fact that there are various gutter hanger kinds may surprise you. Since it can be put safely on your roof, you can choose the gutter type that best suits your home. Gutter mounting systems give the gutters stability and support since, without them, they would collapse from water damage. Here are some common gutter hanger types you can choose from.

Hanger connected on fascia boards

This is one of the most popular kinds of gutter hangers since it works with both half-round and K-style gutters. The inside end has a hollow section where the fastener—typically a spike or long screw—is driven while the outside end attaches to the top lip of the gutter. To make a stronger bracing, the fastener is about half the width of the gutter trough.

Hidden hangers

Similar to the earlier gutter brackets, hidden hangers are positioned in the middle of the gutter trough. Since these gutter fasteners are undetectable from the ground, the area appears cleaner overall. A clean and unbroken appearance is prioritized in this popular form of the seamless gutter hanger. They are one of the strongest gutter hangers and can support a lot of extra water, which is an added bonus.

Spikes and ferrules

If you’re organizing a gutter installation project, this style of hanger is another excellent choice to take into account. It consists of a metal ferrule or tube driven over the gutter and terminating there. This secures the gutter to the fascia board. The chance of the wood splitting when the spike is inserted in the fascia is the obvious disadvantage. If you use this kind of hanger, be sure to pick an installer who is knowledgeable and professional. Although installing spikes and ferrules isn’t particularly difficult, it’s vital to use caution when using these hangers.

Exposed straps and brackets

This design of gutter brackets supports the gutter trough from below rather than drilling into it by using U-shaped metal brackets. The fascia board is then fastened with a load-bearing strap. Corrosion is less likely to occur with this sort of bracket, but the fasteners must be fitted properly. Otherwise, during times of intense rain, the brackets might be easily knocked off.

Work with the best roof repair experts in Charlotte NC

Gutters are an important aspect of your roofing system. Work with the best roof repair experts in Charlotte NC for a sturdy roof.

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