Roof repair in Charlotte NC and dangers of trying to DIY

Roof repair experts in Charlotte NC understand that if you aren’t prepared, roofing may be a very risky occupation. Roof repairs and replacement are something that many homeowners are ready to take on their own. This growing interest in doing things yourself is often motivated by a desire to avoid paying roofing contractors.

There are a variety of reasons that contribute to these roofing-related fatalities. As a result, we will go through some of them in further detail below.


Roof repair danger statistics rate falls as the cause of a greater percentage of all construction-related deaths. Unfortunately, small construction businesses accounted for most of all fatalities caused by roofing collapses. A small establishment is defined as one with between one and nine workers in this context. Many of these fatalities might indeed have been avoided if the majority of roofers had a personal fall arrest device. It’s worth noting that climbing your roof is a bad idea if you’re terrified of heights, as many people are.

Objects can fall on you

Roof repair can entail the use of a variety of materials. Shingles, nails, and other detritus on the roof. As a result, roofing contractors may be struck by this flying debris. The impact of such an item might result in serious injuries or even death, depending on the circumstances. Furthermore, incorrectly securing roofing equipment like scaffolding may result in roof-related injuries and fatalities.

Roofing instruments

Roof repair in Charlotte, NC, like members of the armed forces, operate with inherently hazardous instruments. Examples are roof cutters, nails, nail guns, etc. Roofers who use this potentially hazardous equipment may suffer injuries while on the job. Therefore, roofers are in danger of suffering serious injuries, amputations, and even death as a result of their instruments.


Roof repair may cause electrocution. For example, when a roofer’s ladder comes into touch with electricity wires, the result might be disastrous. They might potentially lose their footing and fall off the ladder while attempting to avoid electrocution. Both scenarios, on the other hand, have the potential to result in catastrophic injury or death.

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Top roof repair experts in Charlotte, NC, talk about dangers

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