Charlotte’s top-rated roofer explains choosing roof vents

Roofer helps install the right vents for quality air circulation

Charlotte’s top-rated roofer can help you select proper ventilation for your roof. The method we must choose for our ventilation is evolving along with home design. To make sure you select the proper ventilation for your home, follow these simple steps.

Depending on roof type

You have choices if your rooftops feature gables, hips, and valleys. Use square vents at your roof’s peaks for an entirely open attic space. If the area is enclosed, you might need to add square vents to each mixed-use area of the roof. A gable-style roof also gives you the choice of using ridge vents rather than square ones at each peak.

You’ll want your roof vents to be taller the higher the peak. It’s crucial to avoid placing two tall vents across from one another, as when you need them to cover your attic space. By doing so, you can make sure that air is being drawn from the soffits rather than being exchanged.

Depending on roof color

It’s a smart idea to coordinate the roof vent color with the color of your rooftop. Your home will look better as a result of this. Four colors that complement common roof types are available for roof vents:

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Weather wood
  • Grey

Vent number

Installing the proper number of vents is crucial to preventing moisture buildup and property damage. It’s not required to employ various vent styles or mix different vent kinds in order to properly vent your home. In order to maintain proper airflow throughout your property, we also advise that 50% of your vents be exhaust vents and 50% be soffit vents.


Despite all of the aforementioned characteristics and fashions, ventilation needs vary depending on the climate. Snowfall in northern climates is often heavier than in many other American locations. We typically advise installing taller vents that will remain above the snow line because this heavy snow stays on rooftops for a longer period of time. Your square vents should make a path in the snow for air to flow through if they’re functioning properly.

Work with Charlotte’s top-rated roofer

Installing roof vents properly can help improve air quality inside the house. Work with the best roofer in Charlotte NC for outstanding results.

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