Roofer contractor in Charlotte NC and Greenville SC discuss roof rot

The top roofer contractor in Greenville SC and Charlotte talk roof rot

A roofer contractor in the Charlotte NC and Greenville SC area can help you protect your home from the outdoor elements. Any damage to your roof or its age can cause moisture to build up in the decking and lead to decay, rot, and eventually damage to other areas of your home. It is best to get in touch with a professional roofer who has the experience and the tools to diagnose the issues, strip the roof, and repair any damage if you have any moisture problems in your attic and want to have some peace of mind when selling or buying a home, or have had some damage to the roof such as from a falling tree.

What causes a roof to rot?

Roof rot can be caused by many things. However, the three leading causes of roof rot are humidity from temperature changes within the attic, condensation caused by the temperature, and ventilation issues.

But what is roof rot? Roof rot is commonly known as dry rot, and it is what happens to your roof when there is too much moisture in the attic. Another cause of roof rot is a water leak somewhere in your roof, resulting in water seeping into the attic.

Can roof rot affect other areas of your home?

Roof rot can result in mold or fungus build-up, which can affect your home’s air quality. The insulation in your attic can absorb moisture from your roof, reducing the energy efficiency of your home. The moisture in the attic can spread across your home and damage other systems, such as your electrical system; also, any unchecked roof rot can spread to other pieces of wood, which can possibly affect the structure of your home.

How can roof rot be spotted?

You can start by paying attention to the underside of your roof deck when inspecting the inside of the attic, if you see dark spots, either white, black, brown, yellow, or gray discoloration, if the wood in the attic feels spongy, soft, or crumbly, or if you can smell a musty or damp odor, there is a good chance that you have roof rot.

How can you deal with roof rot?

Repairing roof rot is possible if the affected areas are not causing any instability in your home’s structure. If the affected area is not a joint, beam, or flooring, you can consider repairing the area instead of a replacement. Be sure to find what is causing the problem before dealing with the damaged area. Whether the leak is caused by poor ventilation, a leaking roof, a damaged gutter, or plumbing leaks, once the problem is taken care of, you can start focusing on the damage.

Roofer contractor in Greenville SC and Charlotte can prevent roof rot

An experienced roofer contractor can perform regular inspections of your roof to make sure that it is rot-free. By having someone who is experienced come to your house and check the attic, you can ensure that if there are any signs found of leaks, moisture, or excess humidity, you can then take the required measures to fix the affected area.

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