Top roofer in Charlotte NC explains the dos and don’ts when cleaning a roof

A roofer will help you clean the roof to keep it sturdy

Roofer in Charlotte NC recommends cleaning your roof regularly to keep it in the best condition. You can assume that mold has formed on the shingle surfaces if certain portions of your roof appear black and discolored. The dark streaks you are witnessing, though, are actually blue-green algae colonies. Instead, if you’re noticing large, green patches on your roof, you have a moss issue. Your roof’s north, west, and shaded regions are where these moisture-loving annoyances thrive.

Here are the dos and don’ts of cleaning your roof.


  • Use a pressure washer to prevent catastrophic roof damage and shingle loosening.
  • Ignore your landscaping and the regions around you because the bleach solution can damage them.
  • Apply the solution once more, assuming that it will instantly eradicate the growth from your roof.
  • On a sunny day, avoid cleaning your roof since the bleach solution will evaporate too quickly, reducing the cleaning power.
  • Without taking the necessary safety procedures, clean your roof.
  • Wait to take action until moss or algae have completely coated your roof.


  • Use a sprayer connected to a garden hose that is filled equally with water and chlorine bleach. of water and liquid chlorine bleach of laundry strength. When it comes to cleaning a roof with asphalt shingles, this method is the finest. Spray the mixture over the roof and let it rest there for 15 to 20 minutes before thoroughly cleaning with clean water.
  • Before covering them with plastic, thoroughly wet plants and bushes with plain water. After applying the bleach solution on your roof, give them another washing.
  • Remain patient. During consecutive downpours, the algae will wash away, and the moss will ultimately become loose enough to be blown away with a leaf blower.
  • Only clean your roof once you are sure you can safely walk across it. You should contact a professional if the slope is too steep for you to readily navigate or if your home has more than one story. If you do decide to climb up onto your roof, make sure to put on eye and skin protection and wear comfortable shoes with grippy rubber soles.
  • If necessary, use a leaf blower to remove material from the roof’s surfaces such as branches and leaves. Trim down overhanging branches to allow sunlight to reach the roof. Maintaining clean gutters will help keep roofs as dry as possible.

Work with the top roofer in Charlotte NC

Leaving your roof unattended can cause extensive problems, so you should clean it regularly. Hire the best roofer in Charlotte NC for the best results.

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