Top roofers in Greenville SC- learn about roof types

Top roofers know that in order to attract buyers to your Greenville SC house, the roof needs to stand out as the housing market is super competitive these days. And here’s how to do it.

Gable roof

Remember your very first attempt at sketching a house with crayons? There is a good chance that you sketched a gable roof. It is essentially shaped like a triangle, with the base sitting atop the roof of the house and the two sides rising to join at the ridge. The slope of a gable roof can range from quite high in the case of chalet-style buildings to very mild in the case of rooftops with a moderate gradient.

Gable roofs are among the most common types of roofs because of their adaptability to a wide range of architectural styles. You may spruce it up by installing front gables over your entryways, or you could opt for a style called a crossing gable, which consists of two ridges that are arranged at right angles to one another.

Gambrel roof

If you can picture an old-fashioned red barn with white trim, then you already have a mental image of a gambrel roof. Each of its two sides has two slopes, one that is steep and the other that is mild. The layout of the building makes it possible to convert the upper level into either an attic room or a loft.

Increasing the number of windows that run down the sides of a gambrel roof is one way to let in more natural light and make better use of the top story. Homeowners who have gambrel roofs should give great consideration to the look of their roofing shingles since the steep areas of the roof are quite noticeable. 

Hip roof

A conventional hip roof is made up of four slopes of equal length that meet in the middle to produce a straightforward ridge. There are, however, variants available, such as a half-hip, which consists of two sides that are shorter and have eaves. If your home has a hip roof, you’ve probably already noticed that the majority of the roof can be seen from the street when gazing at the structure. Because a hip roof is so prominently displayed, the kind and color of roofing shingles that you choose to have placed on it will have a significant impact on the overall aesthetic of the outside of your home.

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