Top roofers: What can you get in Greenville SC?

Top roofers know that in order to attract buyers to your Greenville SC house, the roof needs to stand out as the housing market is super competitive these days, and there aren’t a ton of buyers. And here’s how to do it.

Hip roof

A hip roof is characterized by having four slopes of similar length that meet in the center to produce a pitched roof. Because these roofs are very visible and contribute significantly to the aesthetic appeal of a home, selecting high-quality materials for their construction is an essential step in the design process.

Hip roofs are far more secure than gable roofs, despite the fact that hip roofs are only somewhat less prevalent. Combination roofs sometimes blend gable and hip roof designs, drawing attention to features like entry gables or dormer windows. Hip roofs are more costly than gable roofs, but they offer a greater amount of storage space and greater levels of stability.

Mansard roof

The renowned Louvre Museum in Paris features a mansard roof, often known as a French roof. Its roof is considered to be one of the best examples of its type. The mansard roof, much like the hip roof, has a design that is comprised of four sides. Nevertheless, some roofs have two slopes, with the lowest slope being quite steep and the upper slope being more gradual.

The combination of livable loft space and natural light that is created by dormer windows makes the mansard roof an attractive and practical alternative for residential construction. The installation of these roofs is rather pricey due to the numerous detailing and complicated design that they include, but they do increase the value of the house.

Bonnet roof

The bonnet roof is a type of mansard roof that is constructed in the opposite direction and features two slopes. Both conventional hip roofs and gable roofs are outperformed by these modified hip roofs in terms of their stability in strong winds.

A bonnet roof has a lower pitch than other types of roofs, so it overhangs on both the front and rear of the house. This makes it a great choice for covering patios. These roofs, which are common in the Southeast, provide additional space for storage and living as well as area for dormer windows. Moreover, the overhang protects the property from damage caused by wind and water.

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