How roofing company in Charlotte recommends hanging holiday lights

Your roofing company makes holiday lights recommendations

Your roofing company in Charlotte NC has the tips you need if you’re considering hanging holiday lights to help showcase your spirit of the season. However, you may be thinking about how to do this without causing any damage to your roof.

As a homeowner, you may want to decorate your house with exterior lights once or even a few times every year. It would help out if you were cautious when doing this to hang your lights without causing any damage to your roof; this is because you do not want to create any holes in your roof.

Try the lights first

Before climbing on your roof, the best advice you can consider would be to try out your lights first. You might be surprised about how many people will forget to test their lights before hanging them.

So, be sure that all of the lights work by testing them on the ground. Depending on the type of lights that you have, they might not work if one of the bulbs is burnt out. These light strings need you to change or fix the one bulb to get the rest to work. Even if the other bulbs are still functioning with the one not working, it will still be noticeable. So please don’t wait to see how much it shows after you hang them.

Avoid using staples and nails

Staples and nails are easy to hang your lights quickly, but this can cause severe damage. If you decide to nail or staple directly into your roof’s shingles, you will create a hole; this will allow water to seep through the material. Over time, this will lead to mildew and mold issues and can possibly shorten your roof’s lifespan.

Instead, you can try using the clips that are attached to your Christmas lights. These clips will allow you to hang your lights onto your roof without any damage or creating any holes that can let in any water. These types of fasteners can usually be found at a local hardware store for a few dollars.

Decide whether to attach your lights to the shingles or gutters

Depending on the light you are planning to hang n your house will determine the best way to hang your lights from. You can use the shingles of your roofline if you don’t have gutters. If you do have gutters, lights in the shape of an icicle work great when installed using a clip to the gutter.

Quality roofing services in Charlotte, NC

These tips from your Charlotte roofing company can help you to ensure that you do not damage your roof during this challenging project while also having a safe experience.

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