Charlotte’s best roofing company explains loft and roof insulation

Roofing company can help you install proper insulation

Charlotte’s best roofing company insists on the need for proper insulation. Insulation for your roof and loft may keep your home warm, save you money, and benefit the environment. However, with so many various forms of insulation available, it can also appear to be a highly complicated topic.

This guide on the roof and loft insulation, which is an excellent place to start when insulating your home, has been put together to assist you in learning about the types of insulation that will be ideal for your home. Continue reading to find out how they improve the energy efficiency of your home and how much it will cost.

How roof insulation works

The hot air produced by a heating system rises and tries to escape through any openings in our roof or loft. There must be a barrier to prevent this from happening. This barrier is helped by the microscopic air pockets found in insulation materials. Insulation helps keep heat from escaping by retaining it when it rises. The result is that your house stays warmer without requiring your central heating system to expend more electricity.

Insulation types

  • Spray insulation: Spray foam can also be used to make a thick liquid that is sprayed out over the loft with a special applicator, but this should only be done by a professional. When necessary, the foam will immediately expand to fill any gaps and harden into a thick blanket. This alternative has a very long lifespan and is resistant to germs, mold, and mildew.
  • Mineral wool: It comes in huge rolls known as “batts” and is made from yarn that is either spun from rock wool or glass wool. The loose yarn can also be placed into hollow spaces before being rolled into the space between loft joists. It is a fantastic choice since it is effective at transferring heat and is excellent at blocking out noise. While its use typically leaves a small carbon imprint, it is typically more affordable overall than certain other types of insulation.
  • Sheep wool: Sheep wool is a common option that can occasionally be purchased as huge tiles as well. Sheep’s wool is a natural option. It has long been a well-liked option since it is secure and simple to use, as well as having excellent sound and heat insulation properties. Additionally, it is made of sustainable materials and is entirely recyclable.

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Installing proper insulation helps increase your roof’s energy efficiency. Work with the best roofing company in Charlotte NC for amazing results.

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