Roofing company in Charlotte NC discusses snow on your roof

A roofing company in Charlotte NC wants you to understand the significance of the recent snow on your roof. Snowfall’s most serious hazard to your property is the formation of ice dams, which may cause pools of water to form on your roofing systems without your knowledge. The majority of the time, they occur around blocked gutters or cracked shingles, resulting in standing water that attracts pests and corrodes the material of your roofing system. Although snow is often less in weight than hail, allowing snow to collect over time. Here is how to go about snow removal.

Check the depth of your roof snow

The roofing company advises the citizens of Charlotte, NC, to use a ladder to see whether snow has already accumulated more than six inches on the roof. Starting to remove snow from your exteriors is an excellent benchmark to use regardless of whether or not there are any symptoms of snow jams or blocked drains.

Determine what sort of snow has accumulated on your roof

Roofing company says wet snow, like wet leaves, may weigh up to six times as much as dry snow. Keep this in mind while determining whether you can tackle snow removal on your own or if you need the services of a professional.

Choosing between shoveling and roof raking for snow removal

A roofing company in Charlotte, NC knows shoveling and roof raking are the two most frequent techniques of dealing with roof snow removal, and they are both effective. If you want to prevent snow from accumulating on your roof regularly, roof raking is the preferable solution. For residences with two or more stories, however, it becomes more difficult to employ this method. Unless you’re dealing with heavy and wet snow, raking your roof will do nothing to help you cope with your snowfall problems.

Choosing the most appropriate time to remove your roof snow

The roofing company advises that aside from selecting the most appropriate tool for removing roof snow, you must also consider the most convenient time to complete your scheduled clean-up. Consider if overnight or daytime temperatures will stay the same, grow, or drop. If the temperature remains above freezing, the snow will most likely melt on its own or at the very least reduce in weight.

The best roofing company in Charlotte NC on snow removal

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