Roofing company in Charlotte NC explains flashing

A roofing company in Charlotte NC advises that if you’ve noticed that the flashing on your roof is beginning to corrode and deteriorate with time, that is a bad sign. The failure to address the problem immediately might result in catastrophic damage to your roof over time. These damages, which changes in the weather might cause, will result in leaks. These leaks will cause water to accumulate in the roof, resulting in even more issues such as cracking, breaking, and mildew. A regular maintenance schedule for your roof, as well as hiring an expert to provide quality roofing services, can help to prevent this from happening. What do you do, though, if flashing issues have already started?


Your top Charlotte roofing company explains that over time, the screws that keep your flashing in place will get loose and pull out, causing the whole flashing to become loose and no longer able to perform its function. This can easily be repaired by your roofing professional. Regular inspections can help prevent this issue from getting worse.

Fill in the gaps

Your local roofing company educates the residence of Charlotte NC that even though flashing is designed to withstand the elements, even the most potent structures will ultimately fail. Weather will wear down your roof, flashing over time, resulting in microscopic holes. Apply roof cement to the hole and smooth down any rough edges with a bristles brush. Next, cut a piece of flashing that is slightly larger than the hole and attach it with roof cement.

Repair a seam that is leaking

The roofing company recommends that when you have a leaky seam, all that is required is to push back the seams and secure them in place using screws. Then it’s time to fill in the gaps that have been created.

Pick up some roofing cement and use it to plug up any holes or cracks that were created by the leak. This will result in a watertight coating that will last you for quite some time to come. Make sure to contact Steele Restoration to inspect the situation. Steele Restoration can help you maintain your roof regularly so that you can deal with the flashing issue before it becomes a major problem.

Top roofing company near me in Charlotte NC and flashing

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