Roofing company in Greenville SC and solar panels

A roofing company in Greenville SC understands that the need for more efficient forms of energy and climate concerns have risen in importance. Solar panels may be incredibly beneficial to your house if they are installed correctly. You will not only be able to reduce your reliance on the energy grid because of it, but the value of your property will also grow as a result of it as well.

How solar panels help to keep your roof safe

Roofing company encourages residents of Greenville, SC, to use solar panels. In addition to supplying, you with electricity generated by the sun’s energy, solar panels may also serve to safeguard your roof. If you have solar panels on your roof, it implies that weather factors such as rain and wind will not directly impact the panels. As a result, your roof will be more durable.

Is it possible for solar panels to void your roof warranty?

Roofing company says that a roof is the most significant structural component of your house, and it should be maintained regularly. Damage to it might thus have serious ramifications. The warranty provided by the manufacturer is normally valid for ten to thirty years after the purchase. It only covers flaws in the roofing material if the issue was caused during the manufacturing process. Double-check the conditions of your roof system warranty to verify that they are in your best interests.

The second sort of roof warranty is provided by the roofing contractor who is responsible for the roof installation. These warranties are often limited in duration, with many of them lasting fewer than five years. Now, to address the question of whether installing solar panels would invalidate your warranty, the answer is no. However, you will not be able to depend on the warranty if the installation causes an issue. For example, if the installation develops a hole that causes a leak, you will not be able to utilize the manufacturer’s guarantee to get a replacement or repair the damage caused.

Best roofing company in Greenville, SC, for solar panels installation

After learning about the potential consequences of solar panel installations on your roof, using the services of Steele Restoration is a wise move. While we believe that solar panels would be beneficial to you, you must first determine if your roof is capable of supporting them.

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